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Welcome to KENT Template! Featured

dimanche, 10 avril 2011 14:56
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front1 Welcome to Responsive Design!
The time has come to leave frameworks behind and work with the new web standards. Everything is now redefined: layouts, typography, modules, sliders and even menu, they all adjust on various screen sizes. Hey this is awesome!

front2 The New DNP Slider Module
I developed a slider module based on FlexSlider. It comes with touch capability, a friendly administration panel and a ton of useful features. Amazing animations along with rich content styling, and above all it's responsive!

front3 Unique DNP Porfolio Module
An exceptional module I developed powered by jQuery Isotope. It features an automated grid based design to always show perfect on your desktop, tablet or phone. Now supporting videos too! Genius!

front4 DNP Login Register Module
Your users can now login or safely register to your website from their phone. Additionally it allows you to use reCaptcha security images to effectively stop SPAM. The module is of course responsive, including the reCaptcha Security Images.

front5 Amazing K2 Component!
A new design for blogs, media galleries and porfolios with superior enhancements such as Isotope powered animations or layout automations. You are now ready to start working with K2 at a completely new level.

front6 10 Colors. 50+ Webfonts. 20+ Subtle
That's right 10 built in colors you configure in the back-end and nicely preview in the front-end. Also there are the best 50+ handpicked typefaces both serif and sans-serif you can use. Additionally, you can set a nice background pattern.

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