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Reynalto M.

Reynalto M.

vendredi, 03 juin 2016 04:45

Register to the Primoprod Football Camp

The Mission

The objective of the camp is to offer the opportunity to young amateur players to live the NCAA coaching experience, to practice and learn new techniques and to have a chance to get an evaluation on the skills to improve.


All athletes must bring their helmet, mouth guard and cleats. Offensive and defensive linemen should bring their shoulder pads and jersey. A camp t-shirt will be provided to all of the athletes.

Entry Eligibility

The camp is open to all Students entering grades 9-12 next fall are eligible to attend the camp. High school graduates are not eligible. In accordance with NCAA Rules and Regulations, “senior prospective student-athletes” shall not be permitted to enroll, participate, or be employed in an institution’s summer camp.


Location : Letendre College
(Montmorency Metro)

JUNE 25: 13:00 – 17:00
2 sessions

JUNE 26: 13:00 – 17:00
2 sessions

Previous Coaches
(NCAA and Prep School)

Brian Barbato – Univ. of New Hampshire
Darryl Franklin – U. of Central Michigan
Aaron Kelton – University of Columbia
Mark Nelson – Louisville U. / Ottawa Red-Black
Jerome Riase – Ashland U.
Steve Stripling – Univ. of Cincinnati
Troy Stubbs – U. of Arkansas-Monticello
Don Wnek – Univ. of Baylor / Edmonton Eskimos
Elton Brown – Arizona Cardinals former player
RJ Lewis – Hampton University
Kevin Lawrence - Avon Old Farms Prep School

The participation of other coaches from the CIS, from
various universities and from the NCAA is expected
during this football camp.

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Copy of Spartiates

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Primo Productions

Our mission is to contribute in the development of amateur sports with the best video solution. With tools such as the creation of personal highlights in order to showcase athletes and video coordination to give the best tools for coaches to prepare and evaluate their teams, we take pride in giving the best service.

The founder, Reynalto Merisier, a former university football and track and field athlete from McGill University started the primoprod project after graduating from electrical engineering. His passion for sports and his dedication to deliver the best product is a big part of the success of Primoprod.


mercredi, 15 août 2012 06:25

Video Editing

One feedback we hear often about us is that our clients enjoys our style of making videos. We really make sure that every single client is satisfied with our work of art. Here are different types of videos we can produce:

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Primoprod also provides Professional Photography services. From simple to complex events with a server and multiple viewing stations, we will capture high quality digital pictures. They can be printed immediately, burned on CD/DVD or be transferred to our online photo system

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RSEQ 2011

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Ali Gerba

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Anthony Thompson HL

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