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Reynalto M.

Reynalto M.

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Alex Gagné

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Promotional videos

By using your footage or the shots we filmed, we can produce any type of video. We can also create video graphics, make a personalized intro and insert free of right music. Do you have a project you want us to work on? Fill in the form below and we will contact you.

mercredi, 15 août 2012 03:28

Team Highlights

Team highlights reflects the season you have played by showcasing the best plays of the season. The video can be played during your banquet and used as a recruiting tool for the potential newcomers.

mercredi, 15 août 2012 03:27

Personal Highlight

A personal highlight could be best described like a video resume. We gather all your best plays and we customize a personal video that will showcase the athlete’s skills. You pick the music and you fill a time sheet with all your best plays or we can do it for you.

The highlight is a very helpful tool to get recruited or use as a souvenir. The video can be published online or on DVD or Blu-Ray. 

Here are some examples of personal highlights

mardi, 14 août 2012 20:53

Corporate Videos

A corporate video is a very powerful tool to increase your visibility. Our goal is to ensure that you have an unique video that represents your company. We take time to listen to your needs and we work with you throughout the production process.

mardi, 14 août 2012 19:06

Special Events

Every event is special and deserves remarkable footage, so it can be looked upon for years to come. With our comprehensive background in video production, any specialized needs that may arise can be dealt with, to ensure you get the best quality footage.

mardi, 14 août 2012 19:05

Other Sports / Webcasting

Whether it’s hockey, basketball, soccer, cheerleading or any other sport, our film crew will produce the highest quality video to our clients. It can be for a tournament, single game, camp, showcase or even a practice. The game can also be broadcasted via the internet.  Webcasts can include multiple cameras, play by play, graphics and advertising.

mardi, 14 août 2012 19:04

Football Filming

We understand that game footage is an essential part to the development and evaluation of a football team. For nearly a decade, we have been providing the best quality game footage in Quebec. One of the main reasons is that as former athletes, we know that having the best tools, translates into having the best chance of succeeding.

mardi, 14 août 2012 19:02

Video Production

Here at Primoprod, we've been committed to complement the importance of having great quality video footage by providing qualified and passionate videographers.