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Reynalto M.

Reynalto M.

dimanche, 24 juin 2012 10:14

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dimanche, 24 juin 2012 10:14

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dimanche, 24 juin 2012 10:14

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dimanche, 24 juin 2012 10:14

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dimanche, 24 juin 2012 10:14

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dimanche, 06 novembre 2011 07:16

Jason Said

Putting my mind at ease and clearing up things.. also adding additional guidance to future mishaps and how to avoid such things. Thank you for all the beautiful work you do and the honesty you uphold. I wish there were more people like you!
Jason Matthews - AEON Client
dimanche, 06 novembre 2011 07:16

Ross Said

Once again going on ten years messing with Joomla… you are very talented and gifted! Gavick used to be at the top of my list but you have out done them all.
Ross Maclane - Technik Client
dimanche, 06 novembre 2011 07:16

Tammam Said

Thank you so much for your great support really I admire your commitment and the effort you did to add RTL support to the theme and I think it is a great advantage to it since not it will work perfectly for right to left languages like Arabic, Hebrew, and Parisian.
Tammam Koujan - Technik Client
dimanche, 06 novembre 2011 07:16

Sterling Said

I just want to take a moment to say how much I have appreciated the assistance this author has provided. I have been a customer with Themeforest for years and have never had such competent customer support or kindness.
Sterling Fry - Skywalker Client
samedi, 23 juin 2012 06:57

Portfolio Homepage

1 Welcome to Responsive Design!
Everything is now redefined. Hey this wasn't suppose to break the rules!

The time has come to leave frameworks behind and work with the new web standards.

2 The New DNP Slider Module
A responsive module I developed based on FlexSlider with touch capability.

It comes with a friendly administration panel and a ton of useful features.

3 Awesome DNP Porfolio Module
An exceptional module I developed powered by jQuery Isotope. Genius!

An automated grid based design to always show perfect on your desktop, tablet or phone.

4 DNP Login Register Module
Your users can now login or safely register to your website from their phone.

Additionally it allows you to use reCaptcha security images to effectively stop SPAM.

5 Amazing K2 Component!
A new design for blogs and porfolios with superior enhancements.

Working with K2 you will find the same amazing concept with new responsive design.

6 10 Colors and 50+ Webfonts
That's right 10 built in colors you configure in the back-end.

Also there are the best 50+ handpicked typefaces both serif and sans-serif you can use.