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Reynalto M.

Reynalto M.

mardi, 24 mai 2011 03:21

Module Positions

This is a demo module positions page to highlight the template positions. To explore the layout, just click here and don't forget to use the typography checker in the Tools Panel. From left to right, top to bottom, all text must "hold" the lines.

lundi, 14 mars 2011 10:51


Design features details

  •  Fully Responsive Design. Go ahead and browse all pages, resize your browser window.
  •  The Best Responsive Slider - javascript and CSS3 based with eazy administration, amazing effects and options.
  •  The Best Responsive Portfolio Filter - Isotope and CSS3 based with eazy administration, with many options and multi themes capable. Supports video now!
  •  Built in Main Navigation with responsive and CSS3 powered design. Further more, it's so easy that you only have to select your desired menu and it's all one.
  •  Unique Login-Register Module Popup.
  •  10 built in color themes available in light and dark: Blue (default), Turquoise, Pink, Green, Orange, Brown, Red, Yellow, Purple and Magenta.
  •  30+ background patterns you can configure in the back-end and preview in the front-end. The patterns work on both light and dark themes.
  •  3 responsive layouts: full window width, wrap and round wrap.
  •  50+ handpicked best Google webfonts for corporate and creative clients, both serif and sans-serif types.
  •  25+ Module positions.
  •  Module Descriptions - a unique feature to add module descriptions under the module title.
  •  Various module styles for various highlight purposes.
  •  Handy Tools Panel for you to easy Preview all the available colors, layouts, patterns and fonts.


  •  Valid XHTML and CSS
  •  AJAX Search module.
  •  Unique Feedback Module Popup.
  •  Amazing and fully responsive Typography with responsive price tables, lists, buttons, blockquotes, bubbles and lots more. Some of the features are javascript enhanced, go ahead and check them out.
  •  Slick front-end Tools panel helping you to decide the color theme and the font you like. Can remember your selected fonts and colors over page refresh.
  •  You can set your Google API in the template back-end.
  •  jQuery powered browser detection script for various compatibility fixes. A most wanted feature to add a class into your html for each browser and browser version. Example: browserIE7, or browserChrome, etc
  •  Custom offline and 404 page
  •  Tiptip to make link titles look great. Test here.
  •  Custom Responsive Galleries with Joomla content component only.
  •  Custom Responsive Media Galleries with K2 media (images and / or videos).
  •  Custom K2 Portfolio Pages.
  •  Custom K2 Blog Page with responsive video capability.
  •  Custom GK News Show Pro styling.
  •  Many sample pages you can use for corporate clients.

Extensions and addons

  •  DNP Slider Module - I dare to say that I've developed the best responsive slider JS & CSS3 based module for Joomla! Built on the FlexSlider 2.0, it provides all the features for a responsive design and a very friendly administration panel.
  •  DNP Portfolio Module - another module I've developed with fully automated grids, and this is in fact what makes it absolutely unique, because it's perfect for any responsive template, no matter the size. Built on jQuery Isotope and some custom scripts, it comes with a friendly administration panel and provides multi-themes, filter & sort by category and item title and supports video. Trust me it's the thing!


DNP Slider Module

  •  Fully Responsive Design.
  •  Supports unlimited Slides configured in module friendly back-end powered by AJAX.
  •  Many CSS3 / JS Animations for the Slides Contents (label or description) with randomizing option.
  •  2 Animations (fade and slide) for the Slides, both swipe enabled.
  •  Keyboard Keys Navigation
  •  Stops on Mouse Hover.
  •  Next & Previous.


  •  Unique: Supports Multi Slide: Main Image and 2 additional items I like to call them sequences.
  •  Unique: Each Sequence can have it's own animation (CSS3 or JS).
  •  Unique: Each Sequence can have it's own style.
  •  Unique: Slide Content (inside Sequences) can be any valid HTML, video EMBED, images, etc.

DNP Portfolio Module

  •  Fully Responsive Design.
  •  Works with K2 Component Only.
  •  NEW: Supports videos too!
  •  Powered by jQuery Isotope Plugin (properly licensed).
  •  Automated grids based on window width, this makes it absolutelly unique and most powerful.
  •  Allows you to filter content items by category and item title.
  •  Multi-themes feature, you can make your own template overrides with your desired functions.
  •  Easy to use administration panel.

Framework FREE Template

  •  Fully responsive design. Feature not supported on old IE browsers.
  •  Modular, fastest query and light coding
  •  Automatic modules width for spotlights positions (top-1 -> top-4 and bottom-1 -> bottom-4)
  •  jQuery Isotope enhanced spotlights (top-1 -> top-4 and bottom-1 -> bottom-4)
  •  Built in navigation system, CSS3 based and responsive, from now on, there is no need for Mega Menu or Fusion Menu or anything else
  •  Support Multiple Themes With Front-end Switch
  •  Support Multiple Layouts


  •  Fully mobile optimized
  •  Google Analytics Code is now built in
  •  Google Fonts - 50+ best fonts you can set in the back-end and preview in the front-end.
  •  RTL Languages disabled, forever
  •  We are done with millions of useless features or files to load and time expensive frameworks


  •  Browsers: IE7+, Chrome 4+, Safari, Firefox 1.5+, Opera 9.6+
  •  Joomla! 2.5 - includes Quickstart Installation with the very content you see here.
  •  jQuery - The template incorporates jQuery v1.7+ library used for various functions. No conflict is automatically handled.


If you are new to Joomla! please note that I cannot provide support for Joomla! basics mainly because there is no time, though I would love to help all of you. Still I want you to consider a few resources to start with:

For more, I recommend using Google for seeking video tutorials, trust me, the Internet is full of them.

Also please note that support is not a mandatory feature for all Themeforest themes/templates. However, after purchasing my template, you may need some help setting up some settings or customizing the design. To get access to forum support please follow this quick guide:

  1. First thing to do is to send me a message via my Themeforest profile page and request a support forum account. You will be given an e-mail with username and password in less than 12hours.
  2. Secondly, please note that you have access to support only if your purchase is confirmed and only on my limited time.
  3. Lastly, post your issue, assistance request or feature request in this forum section.

1 Welcome to Responsive Design!
Everything is now redefined. Hey this wasn't suppose to break the rules!

2 Pixel Perfect Typography!
Everything checks with high standards typography for a balanced design.

3 Dedicated to Corporate Sector!
Far from old standards, we reinvent everything for the new horizons ahead.

4 Introducing The New DNP Slider Module
A responsive module I developed based on FlexSlider with touch capability.

5 DNP Porfolio - time to say AWESOME!
An exceptional module I developed powered by jQuery Isotope. Genius!

6 DNP Login Register Module
Your users can now login or safely register to your website from their phone.

7 Amazing K2 Content!
A new design for blogs and porfolios with superior enhancements.

8 News Show Pro GK Is Now Responsive!
Another asesome module that's ready for your yummy content.

9 Social And Multimedia Tools For The Web!
There are many widgets out there waiting for you to use on this template. Go viral!

10 Unique Offline Page and Error Page
Both offline page and error page have been reforged with responsive layout.

11 10 Wonderful Color Themes!
Just samples, there is no limit really, you can use what ever color you want.

12 50+ Google Webfonts!
The best 50+ handpicked fonts you can use, both sans-serif and serif.

13 Framework Free Template
It's time to say goodbie to the old code full of useless features. Release yourself!

14 Clean And Light-weight Code
This template was built with mobile, HTML5 and CSS3 standards and best practices!

15 Awesome Tools Panel
Select your favorite font or color theme to preview and all goes like magic!

16 Built In CSS3 Powered Main Navigation
Good bye Mega Menu, Fusion Menu and other endless scripts! See it to believe it!

17 Google Analytics Ready
Paste your API Code and you're done with analytics within seconds!

18 Well documented
From installation to customization, administration, and all tips and tricks!

mercredi, 04 juillet 2012 14:36

One Page Testimonials

I just want to take a moment to say how much I have appreciated the assistance this author has provided. I have been a customer with Themeforest for years and have never had such competent customer support or kindness.

 Sterling Fry - Skywalker Client

Once again going on ten years messing with Joomla… you are very talented and gifted! Gavick used to be at the top of my list but you have out done them all.

 Ross Maclane - Technik Client

Thank you so much for your great support really I admire your commitment and the effort you did to add RTL support to the theme and I think it is a great advantage to it since not it will work perfectly for right to left languages like Arabic, Hebrew, and Parisian.

 Tammam Koujan - Technik Client

Putting my mind at ease and clearing up things.. also adding additional guidance to future mishaps and how to avoid such things. Thank you for all the beautiful work you do and the honesty you uphold. I wish there were more people like you!

 Jason Matthews - AEON Client

mercredi, 04 juillet 2012 13:57

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lundi, 30 juillet 2012 20:26

Équipe Québec championne

2e Victoire consécutive pour la sélection québecoise MU-18 au championnat de la coupe Canada 2012!

Pour nous c'est toujours un plaisir de filmer les pratiques pour la sélection de l'équipe.

Voici le vidéo de l'an passé, cette année sera excitante à produire aussi!

mardi, 24 juillet 2012 15:39

Webcasting - Finale MU 15

Webcasting de la finale MU-15

Match Montréal-Métro vs RSQ

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